Specialist Mental Capacity Assessments

Testamentary Capacity

Testamentary capacity refers to the ability of an individual to make or alter their Will, or Codicil

Lasting Powers of Attorney

The LPA assessment is undertaken to identify an individual’s capacity to appoint someone else to make decisions on their behalf

Capacity to Gift

The capacity to make a financial lifetime gift of assets, or items of value, which may be disagreed with by others

Probate Certificates (Capacity to act as an Executor)

Sometimes, individuals named as Executors in the Wills of friends and loved ones are unable to fulfil this role.  Before alternative arrangements can be made, the Probate Registry requires evidence of a lack of capacity

Court of Protection Applications (Form COP3)

Where an application is made to Court, evidence is required in a prescribed format, known as the COP3.  Applications to court are most regularly made for: Deputyships, Statutory Wills, Family Care Payments

Property and Finance Decisions

Decisions relating to property and financial affairs are broad ranging and often complex, covering a variety of decisions in relation to financial management

Welfare Decisions

Welfare decisions relate to a multitude of aspects of daily life.  Examples include: where to live (i.e. a move to long-term care) and what treatment plan to follow

Litigation Capacity

Litigation capacity, or the capacity to conduct proceedings, is a way of ensuring that a person can understand, follow, and take part in legal proceedings

Training and Development

Bespoke packages of training including:

– Introduction to the Mental Capacity Act
– Applying the Capacity Act in Practice
– Deprivation of Liberty / Liberty Protection Safeguards
– Best Interest Decision Making in Practice

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Care Consultancy

I provide Care Consultancy services to individual clients, Deputies and Attorneys.


I work from a strength-based model, so all my assessments start from the perspective of what can be done and achieved, rather than from the perspective of limitations and deficits.  Once the assessment is complete, we can discuss what next steps might be appropriate

Care Reviews

There are many different types of assessments and reviews that are undertaken in relation to health and social needs, these include: Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Funding, Care Act Assessment Reviews, and general Multi-disciplinary Meetings